Demonstration and trial gardens showcasing drought tolerant pollinators in West Linn, OR

Showcasing drought tolerant plants and shrubs is a key factor, not only because we want to minimize the impact on our own well and those of the surrounding properties, but also because of the implications of climate change on gardening in the Willamette Valley. Selecting plants that attract bees, birds and other pollinators enhances the environment as well.

Several nurseries associated with Proven Winners have already provided donations of flowering shrubs and perennials ( In the next few months, we will be adding a series of new garden beds featuring annuals and perennial flowers and shrubs, including pollinator plants, low-water use plants and North American native plants. Several of the beds will serve as a trial garden for plants from Terra Nova Nurseries in nearby Canby (

About us

After 44 years of experience gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area, we chose a property near Portland and our children with the potential for developing trial and demonstration gardens. A beautiful mature garden with flowering perennials, shrubs, trees and bulbs surrounding the home was created when the house was constructed in 2002 on 2.6 acres. The 1-acre pasture offered the Pipers a clean canvas on which to create Green PLANeT Gardens.

Gordon and Sue Piper

How to visit

Interested in visiting us? Contact us below to schedule your tour of the gardens. Appointments are required to view the gardens.