May 21, 2023-First peonies, roses, iris and more

The garden is changing so fast it is hard to keep up with everything!

I was so focused on the Rhodies a few days ago that I overlooked the sweet smelling and beautiful old wisteria that grows along the trellis next to our shop.

Overnight all of our Virburnum surrounding the lawn area popped out with white snowflake flowers.

Our first clump of peonies are opening, with many more to come!

And our first roses are blooming– these are called Double Knockout.

And finally, here’s an early view of our cut flower bed. It occupies a space that had two very old pine trees that became diseased. We’ve planted 15 roses, 8 peonies, dahlias, lilies, allium, zinnias, stock, snapdragons—with more to come. The structure with the white PVC pipe is our blueberry cage. We have 4 mature 6-feet tall blueberry shrubs and another 5 new ones growing under the protection of bird netting.