June 22,2023–Summer’s in Bloom!

Thirty-four garden enthusiasts visited our Green PLANeT Gardens on June 17–four more than those that came on May 27! This time around they saw roses, our wonderful blue hydrangea and the early daylilies. We enjoyed sharing our garden with The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon members and our friends and neighbors.

I don’t know the name of this blue hydrangea as it was planted some 20 years ago. But I just love blue hydrangeas, and this one is a beauty!

Here’s another blue hydrangea– a Mountain Hydrangea by our shop. It’s actually four or five shrubs planted as a hedge between our early and late Rhododendrons.

Last year we planted 8 of this new hydrangea variety from Proven Winners called Fairy Trail Bride. It is a dwarf cascading hydrangea with big white flowers. We planted them in pots along our covered porch.

We actually have five smoke trees on our property but this one takes the cake!

Our daylilies are popping out around the Japanese Maple.

The herb garden by the covered porch is chock full of flowers and herbs this year.

I don’t know the name of this rose but it is a stunner– located in our herb garden. It was here when we moved in in 2022.

This is one of the new roses we planted from Weeks Gardens called Heavenly scent.

This is also Heavenly Scent– just another plant–one of the four we received from Weeks Roses earlier this spring.

Another Weeks Rose is Queen of Elegance– it fades to a dusky rose.

Our next project is to remove turf to expand the flower bed under the Cherry Tree. The yellow cord helps guide Gordon as he digs up the turf. It will widen the bed by about 3 feet.