December 31, 2023-Winter in the Garden

As the days grew longer and colder, our garden experienced frosty, foggy mornings. With few colorful blossoms drawing attention, we enjoyed observing the structural beauty of our trees and grasses during the winter season.

Frost on the roof of our shop and grasses encased in frost.

One of the items on our to-do list was to install 7 foot-tall deer fencing around the house as the local deer population expands each year. We got tired of encasing all of our roses in wire cages and having to chase the deer off. Many thanks to Maksim Bikmurzin and his family (here, his wife Marina) for thoughtfully installing the wire fencing in our established garden. We like the fact that the wire practically disappears so you can see the garden.

While our outdoor garden activity has diminished (only a little), we can sit back and enjoy the beauty of our view– Here is a rainbow from December 30.